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Mrs. Reisz's Class Information

About Mrs. Reisz 


Hello! I teach integrated science, chemistry, physics, and STEM here at Missouri Valley High School. I also sponsor Science Club along with Mrs. Hack. 


I graduated high school from Missouri Valley in 2010 and graduated from Midland University in 2014 where I majored in Secondary Education in Science and Coaching. I played college softball for one year and then ran track and cross country for the next three years at Midland. I was lucky enough to return to Missouri Valley to teach in the fall of 2014.


Outside of school, my husband, Gabe, and I enjoy chasing our two daughters around! Addison will be attending three year old preschool this year and Eleanor will be 6 months old here soon! 


I am super excited for the school year to start!! 

“You get what you work for, not what you wish for.”

— Howard A. Tullman

Go to the following website for more information about Science Club

Class Schedules

First Semester:

1st Hour- Chemistry   

2nd Hour- Integrated    

3rd Hour- Physics  

4th Hour- Integrated    

5th Hour- Integrated 

6th Hour- STEM       

7th Hour- Integrated  

8th Hour- Plan 


Second Semester:

1st Hour- Integrated   

2nd Hour- Physics     

3rd Hour- Integrated  

4th Hour- Chemistry   

5th Hour- Integrated

6th Hour- Study Hall      

7th Hour- Plan 

8th Hour- Integrated