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Exploratory Music

Exploratory Music is a one quarter exploratory class for all 7th grade students. It meets at period 5 from 12:03 pm - 12:50 pm. This is a general music class which focuses on offering every student the opportunity to perform using guitars or keyboard instruments, compose and record using music writing software, and analyze how differences in musical characteristics help to convey a message.
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  • To further explore and discuss the many reasons for performing and creating music.
  • To learn and practice guitar techniques like: power chords, CAGED chords, riffing
  • To study different popular styles of music such as movie scores, pop music, traditional songs, and blues.
  • To use and edit music to help tell a simple story.
  • To create and edit recordings of instrumental and vocal audio.
  • To make and share a blues song by writing lyrics in a blues style, layering recordings of vocal and instrumental audio, using the 12 bar blues form.