Ms. Gustafson - Social Studies

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. -Maya Angelou 
1st period- Behavioral Science 
2nd period - Planning period 
3rd period - World History 
4th period - World History 
5th period - Civil Rights 
6th period - Behavioral Science 
7th period - World History 
8th period - Study Hall 
World History is a required, two semester class that is typically completed freshman year. We cover a range of topics from prehistory all the way up to modern history. 
Behavioral Science is a required, one semester course that is typically completed junior year. We cover both psychological and sociological topics in class, aiming to help students understand themselves and how they impact the world around them. 
Civil Rights is a one semester elective course. This class covers issues of civil rights from the beginning of slavery up to modern day, with a focus on the 1960's. Students will learn about notable events and people that have impacted race relations in the United States. This class is discussion and project based, and will allow students a chance to explore multiple perspectives. 
Current Issues is a one semester elective course. Throughout the semester we cover a variety of topics including the use of propaganda, the role that race and gender play in society, and news literacy. This is an ever-evolving course in which we will discuss and explore relevant issues as they come about. 


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